What’s in a name anyway?


18 August, 2011

Posted by Tom Kentell


Heart & Sole... you might ask yourself is that a fish? Something to do with shoes?

Of course not! But seeing as we find ourselves explaining so often where the name comes from we thought it a good idea to write a blog post explaining where we came up with the name.

Back to our roots

Back in the day (sometime last year!) Alex & I both came up with a similar idea at a similar time and happened to share the idea with each other. The idea was simple enough, hold a Christmas party every year for people in our wondrous industry that are freelancers or SOLE traders :)

We didn’t think it fair that people who worked for agencies got all the fun at Christmas, with parties which included lovely food and much alcohol consumption. So we set about creating ideas with our various mind farts to put this plan in motion.

As time went on the idea gradually grew. One idea we had was having a keynote speaker at the Christmas party just to give it that something different and that was it!

Our speaker list grew and grew until we could no longer call it or entertain the idea of a Christmas party, we had created a conference!

So why call it Heart & Sole still?

Well! We’d already started working on various elements of it and putting the idea around and the name just kinda stuck! We all know how hard it can be to come up with a name for anything be it a product, company or domain. What you want is never available anyway which makes it even harder and which is also why we ended up with a .org.uk domain!

But we stand by the name, we like it and we hope it will grow into something bigger and more amazing every year that everyone will grow to love!


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  • Chris Wharton


    Genius, I did wonder where the name came from. It’s a bit different though and I like that, it makes it memorable :)

  • Author

    Tom Kentell


    That’s what we think! =D

    Personally I really like to think Heart & Sole… although it could be conceived as cliché, cheesy or random I think it sticks with people and they remember it =)

  • #hasteam

    Alex Stanhope


    Another thing I like are all the potential abbreviated forms too …hasmeet, hasblog and so on :)

Comments are now closed on this article.