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  • Common design mistakes

    Posted by Joanna Eyre in Design 16 November 2011

    I recently had a bit of a rant on Twitter about receiving website mockups from print designers. I don’t have anything against print designers making websites, I think it’s great they are branching out, but it’s worth doing research before diving into the world of the web. With that in mind, as a front-end developer, I have taken the time to put together a list of common design mistakes I get when receiving PSD’s. 1.…

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  • Interview with: Bite CP

    Posted by Joanna Eyre in Agency Interviews 28 October 2011

    The second of our agency interviews in a new series, we visit our friends at
    Bite CP in Guildford, who also happen to be sponsors of Heart & Sole 2!

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  • Interview with: Strawberrysoup

    Posted by Joanna Eyre in Agency Interviews 14 October 2011

    Heart & Sole is delighted to bring you the first in a new series of agency interviews with some of our friends along the south coast and beyond!
    Giving an insight into the goings on at some of the best agencies around.

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  • Freelancing tips: starting out

    Posted by Joanna Eyre in Freelancing 01 October 2011

    Everyone starts freelancing in different ways, and everyone has their own ways of working. I just want to share with you my experiences and hope it helps someone along the way. Just to let you know a bit about my background, I went self employed straight out of University and got a full time freelance contract at a TV company for 6 months. When the contract ended I decided to brave it alone and go…


  • Fireworks vs. Photoshop

    Posted by Joanna Eyre in Software 20 August 2011

    As a front-end developer, I get sent PSD's in all kinds of formats (even at 300dpi a couple of times), and it makes life really difficult when using Fireworks (my preferred weapon of choice) to slice mockups that have been designed in Photoshop, or even worse, Illustrator.


  • Portsmouth Freelancers Meet Summer BBQ

    Posted by Joanna Eyre in Meetups 20 August 2011

    Recently the Heart & Sole team attended the Portsmouth Freelancers Meet’s first birthday and summer BBQ, sponsored by Campaign Monitor and Mindworks Marketing. As the founder and curator of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, or PFMeet as it’s known, I was over the moon with the success of the Summer BBQ and couldn’t be prouder to see so many people turn up for its 1st birthday. For those that don’t know, if it wasn’t for PF Meet,…